Museum-Tracker (for Windows)

Plan to visit European Museums on your vacation? Don't leave it until you get there to work out what you want to see. You'll waste too much time and probably miss out on something interesting. Museum-Tracker is an eBook Directory giving


Helping you make the most of your time in England and Europe with Museum-Tracker - a QuickFind eBook guide to the Museums and Galleries of Europe. Museum-Tracker is an eBook Directory giving you details of over 430 significant museums in England and


Small Museum Organizer Pro  v.3.2

Museum Software for Windows: inventory database management system for small museums, cultural sites, heritage sites, galleries.

Museum Archive software project Web  v.1.0

Want to show your Objects on the web? Use the Museum Archive software project Web Server, a free addition to the software package. The web server uses your existing database and presents your Objects in an easy-to-use set of web pages.

Slot Quest The Museum Escape  v.1.0

Trapped in the museum after dark, you are shocked to see that the museum comes alive as you enter each exhibit!

Broadgun Museum

Museum is a software tool that retains email and document history in a single location for fast and easy retrieval. Its like having all your documents and emails indexed by Google securely, and your first 1000 are at no charge. Examples: Where

Mystery Museum  v.

The 'Mystery Museum' game, is oriented to people who love art and specially, Leonardo Da Vinci's paintings. Of course, you also must enjoy solving puzzles, because that's exactly what is this game about.

Nightmare Museum Combo  v.

Tread through mysteries and suspense with a double dose of darkness - 2 games for 1! Gather clues to identify the attacker of a comatose woman in Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare! Save your daughter hidden under earthquake rubble in Escape the Museum!

3D Museum  v.4.0

Explore the vast 3D museum to experience the mesmerizing effects of particle fountains, cube ponds, showcases, and your own selected colorful pictures. Personalize the museum with pictures of friends and family members.

Art Museum  v.

With Art Museum, you will have a journey to explore biographies of more than 30 renowned painters in the world with over 2,000 paintings. For each artist, you have the opportunity to learn about the life,

Manchester Museum  v.

The official app of the Manchester Museum. It offers the most up-to-date information about our museum, including access to objects in our collections. View exhibitions and events and stay connected with our museum on Twitter and

Karakuri Museum  v.1.0.0

Welcome to "Karakuri Museum"!

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